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What can I say. Grandpa Ed was a patient man. When my kids would come over he would always be so gracious in showing off his collectibles and knick knacks especially anything with wheels for Chris. He was so kind and generous when I would visit. I remember I stayed up talking his ear off and listening to stories the night before Grandma and I left for Florida. We were laughing and it's a memory I will charish for years

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Posted by: Shaunna Barr - Spokane Valley, WA - Family Friend   Mar 05, 2021

I met Everette Sr., when I was almost 15 years old, and knew he was my true love from the first time I saw him. We were married just after I turned 16 and have been together for 58 plus years.

When I went back to visit my sister the next summer, I told her that if Everette asked me to marry him, I would say yes. When he showed up, my sister proceeded to tell him that I said I

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Posted by: Shirley Pfennig - Colbert, WA - Spouse   Feb 28, 2021

To Shirley, Sharon, Everette and 'C.W'., and the rest of the Phennig clan.
So sorry to hear of your loss.
Just wanted to let you know this and share some of my fondest memories...
I remember so well always loving to come w the rest of my family, Dorothy and Bob and sister, Charmion; always enjoying those BBQ ribs! That and those baked potatoes and on occasion, Shirley's wonderful lumpia! Also, all those wonderful camping trips we as families, together,

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Posted by: Robert Smith - Friend   Feb 27, 2021

He will be missed on the holidays and our occasional bbq's.

Posted by: Jackie Erovick - Colbert, WA - Friend   Feb 21, 2021

I have so many memories of my dad, but hard to pick one. I do remember a time after I had moved out of thier house he called me to tell me something about Lumpia (our cat). I said what's up? He said didnyou know Lumpia likes to be vacuumed? I said ya, I have been vacuuming her for years. How did you find out? He said she wouldn't move away from the fire place so I told her if

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Posted by: Sharon Radan - Colbert, WA - Daughter   Feb 21, 2021

We never addressed each other by our given names. He will always be Fred to me. The one thing we had so much joy laughter,respect and security is for the love of our M1 carbines. Not to touch it when its hot.
It was an honor to know and share part if his life.

Posted by: Marnie Oye - Spokane, WA - Family Friend   Feb 20, 2021

My condolences, everyone. I didn't know Uncle Gordon well, but I remember him from when I was younger. God bless you all.

Posted by: Jeramiah Jefferson - Cincinnati, OH - Family   Feb 20, 2021

To Uncle Gordon, my favorite uncle. God bless you and lift your soul to the highest of heavens. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. I love you.

Posted by: Shobey Day Kramer - Connersville, IN - Family   Feb 20, 2021

I am so sorry for your families loss. I met Ed when we were all stationed in Guam. He did love to have a good time and enjoyed all of the kids running around. Haven't seen him in many years but have always been found of him and the entire family. RIP Ed!

Posted by: Ray Lanigan - Midlothian, TX - Family Friend   Feb 19, 2021

I have alot of great memories of my father, he has taught me so much .Mostly what he taught me was intentional some not so much, such as the barrel of an
M1 carbine is very hot after several magazines have gone through it. He grabbed the barrel to place it on the rack with his left hand he yelled out let go with his left hand and and instinct made his right hand grab it, well it was still

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Posted by: Clinton Pfennig - colbert, WA - Son   Feb 19, 2021